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Arthur Douglas Crease Letters, Diaries and Scrapbooks

Letters from Arthur Douglas Crease of Victoria to his brother Lindley Crease and his mother Sarah Crease; instructions for the offensive of July 26, 1917; a regimental notebook, diaries and scrapbook. Learn more.

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5. FORMING UP AREA. As per map and instructions already issued. The 29th Battn. will be assembled in trenches in the area M.5.c. and d. and M.11.a. and b., as mutually arranged between Company Commanders, and will be in position two hours before Zero.

6. PLAN OF ATTACK. The 5th C.I.B. will attack the BLUE Objective with two Battalions, namely 25th Battn. on the Right and the 22nd Battn. on the Left. The 24th Battn. on the Right and the 25th Battn. on the Left, will also move at Zero and re-assemble on the Eastern side of the present German front Line trench. After the First Objective has been gained, the 24th Battn. on the Right and the 25th Battn. on the Left will pass through the 25th and 22nd Battns. respectively and take the GREEN Objective. A pause will be made on the BLUE Objective to allow the 24th and 26th Battns. to pass through the 25th and 22nd Battns., respectively. Should the Battalions in the First Line fail to capture the BLUE Line, the Battalions in the Second Line will be employed to capture the BLUE Line. the 29th Battn. (Reserve) will move up at Zero hour from their assembly area to the assembly area of the 24th and 25th Battns. "C" Coy. will take the Right half and "D" Coy. the Left half of the 25th Battn. area, with "A" Coy. on the Right and "B" Coy. on the Left of the 24th Battn. area. The O.C. 29th Battn. will be with the G.O.C. 5th C.I.B. at Brigade Headquarters, M.11.a.65.15.

7. MOPPING-UP AND CARRYING PARTIES. All Battalions will furnish their own Mopping-up and Carrying Parties.

8. HEADQUARTERS. See maps already issued. Divisional Headquarters: SAINS [illegible]

5th Canadian Inf. Bde. Brigade Report Centre M.11.a.65.15 22nd Battn. M.1.c.45.50. 24th Battn. M.12.b.43.60. 25th Battn. M.12.b.42.42. 26th Battn. M.6.d.38.40. 29th Battn. M.11.a.65.15. 5th Canadian T.M. Bty. M.11.a.65.15. 5th Canadian M.G. Coy. M.11.a.65.15.

The 24th and 25th Battns. will establish advanced Battn. Headquarters as soon as the BLUE Line has been captured. Said Headquarters will be established approximately - 24th Battn. N.7.b.4.8. 26th Battn. NESTOR Trench, N.1.d.5.5.

9. EXPLOITING SUCCESS. (I) As soon as the consolidation of the Brigade's final objective is well in hand, the G.).C. 4th Brigade will endeavour to exploit his success by pushing out and occupying the enemy's second line along CONDUCTOR and CHICONY Trench, as shown on Map "P". This advance will be made in echelon from the left, CALIPER Trench being first secured, with a view to outflanking the enemy in N.13.b.

(II) Should the above operations prove successful, it is the Divisional Commander's intention to still further exploit the success by advancing to the line NUN'S ALLEY - [illegible] Trench to junction with COMBAT - thence Westerly to Railway junction N.15.d.70.95 and thence along COTTON Trench to the LENS - GRENAY Railway, vide Map "P", with a view to forcing the enemy to evacuate his positions West of LENS.

his was the worst job

This operation will probably not take place for at least twelve hours after Zero, as fresh Artillery arrangements will have to be made and possibly a portion of the Reserve Brigade will be brought up to assist.

BC Archives, MS-0055 Box 15 File 7 / CREASE FAMILY / Miscellaneous records, Arthur Douglas Crease, 1915 - 1918.

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