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Martha Douglas Journal

Journal kept by Martha Douglas, youngest daughter of Sir James Douglas. Learn more.

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BC Archives MS-0678

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street. Friday 13th

Went through Green Park and up Constitution Hill. Saw the Serpentine. People are all out of town.

Saturday 14th

Visited Knightsbridge. Weather still fine.

Sunday 16th

W. Bushly arrived this evening.

Tuesday 17th

Wrote home. Went to the Burlington Arcade this morning, I believe it is not proper to go there in the afternoon; as there are too many fast people.

Wednesday 18th

Weather still fine. I saw a number of lovely horses this morning being exercised, how I wished I could have one of them to ride.

Thursday 19th

Went out sightseeing. Went by the underground railway to the Mansion House station where we got out and went into the city. Joseph Bushby is with us. Saw the Bank of England, Cornhill, Barrands, the monument, the Exchange & St. Pauls. We climbed to the whispering gallery & to the cupola. We also went down to the crypt where we saw Wellington's funeral car and tomb, also Nelson's tomb. Sightseeing is so very tiring.

BC Archives, MS-0678 Box 1 File 6 / DOUGLAS, Sir James / Journal kept by Martha Douglas, 1872 - 1873. File 6

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