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Henry Masterman Mist Diaries and Prisoners Pie Magazine

Diaries of Heny Masterman Mist and a copy of Prisoners’ Pie, the Ruhleben Camp magazine. Learn more.

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BC Archives MS-2570

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Perhaps 30% are men over 20 years old. The orchestras in the cafes play national patriotic songs in which the crowds join. At the conclusion of a patriotic tune there is great applause & cheering. The Austrian national anthem to the words "Deutschland Deutschland uber alles uber alles in die welt" and "Die wacht am rein" are the most popular of these, the crowds invariably standing while singing them. The railway bridge that runs alongside of the "barien Brucke", connecting the Neustadt with the Altstadt and over which all trains entering the city from the north must

BC Archives, MS-2570 Box 1 File 1 MIST, Henry Masterman Diary, Dresden, 01 Aug 1914 – 02 Dec 1914.

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