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Patullo Family Letters

Letters from James Burleigh Pattullo and George Robson Pattullo Jr. to their father George Robson Pattullo. Learn more.

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BC Archives MS-1188

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The Boston City Club

George S. Smith, President James E. Fee, First Vice-President Carl Dreyfus, Second Vice-President Stephen W. Reynolds, Treasurer Charles J. Martell, Secretary Addison L. Winship, Civic Secretary

Executive Committee

Charles H. Thurber, Chairman Carl Dreyfus Edward J. Frost William B. Munro John White, Jr.

Finance Committee

George E. Brock, Chairman Edward A. Filene William H. Stickney Joseph H. O'Neil Robert S. Weeks

Board of Governors

John L. Bates Wilfred Bolster Charles B. Breed George E. Brock Louis E. Cadieux Henry S. Dennison Carl Dreyfus George H. Ellis John H. Famey James E. Fee W. Cameron Forbes Edward J. Frost Henry I. Harriman Harry S. Kelsey Robert Luce Charles J. Martell George Von L. Meyer William B. Munro Hugh W. Ogden Winfield S. Quinby Stephen W. Reynolds William E. Skillings George S. Smith James J. Storrow Frank V. Thompson Charles H. Thurber Harry R. Wellman John White, Jr.

Boston, September 18 1918

George Pattullo, Esq Dallas, Texas.

My dear Mr Pattullo;

I am advised by George Horace Lorimer, Editor of the Saturday Evening Post, that you are spending a little while at your home in Dallas before returning to the front. I therefore take the liberty of asking whether it will be possible for you to visit Boston before you sail, and address our members on your experiences as a war correspondent. We had the honor and pleasure of listening to Isaac F Marcosson last Spring which was one of the most successful events in the season, and we are looking forward to another talk by him in the future.

As I understand that you were at one time connected with the Boston Herald, I do not need to deal at length on the position which the Boston City Club occupies as the recognized civic institution, suffice it to say that our membership of 7,500 makes it the representative organization of business, in this section of the country. We endeavor to secure as speakers during our season the representative literary, diplomatic, military and professional men of the world, and will consider it an honor if we can arrange to have you as our guest before your departure. Our weekly meetings are usually held on Thursday, with a banquet at 6 o'clock, followed b y an address in our large auditorium at 8 o'clock.

Kindly let me know whether it will be possible for you to visit Boston, and the approximate time.

Yours very truly, LB Hayes Civic Secretary

Dear Bops:

Read this and mail back. I received about 30 such invitations, but had to decline them all. The men whose names I've marked above are among the most prominent in New England - three ex. governors of Massachusetts are included and one Ambassador; also one governor of the Philippines.

Please mail me the insurance receipt. I keep everything up to the minute in my business affairs and I've missed this among my papers. Blame Celie and her father for such methodical habits.


BC Archives MS-1188 Box 1 File 4 PATTULLO, George Robson, 1845 - . Woodstock, Ontario Selected letters from his son George R. Pattullo Jr., 1917-1918.

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