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Patullo Family Letters

Letters from James Burleigh Pattullo and George Robson Pattullo Jr. to their father George Robson Pattullo. Learn more.

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BC Archives MS-1188

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fifteen days. Possibly Irwin decided to do the thing; I haven't heard yet.

Expect to spend about a month in England; then back here. After that, Spain, Italy and Switzerland. From present prospects, it looks like the winter here for me and Celie. She is doing some sort of work--making bandages, or something. They are at it from two to six--she has just gone out now with Mrs. Wills, wife of Major Wills of the U.S. Marines, a friend of mine.

Have been working hard--four articles and a short story already accepted since I came over and another one about done. Lorimer cabled "Fine work", so I feel encouraged.

Give my love to all the family and tell them I'll try to write each member of it some time; but I am badly rushed.



BC Archives MS-1188 Box 1 File 4 PATTULLO, George Robson, 1845 - . Woodstock, Ontario Selected letters from his son George R. Pattullo Jr., 1917-1918.

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