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Arthur Douglas Crease Letters, Diaries and Scrapbooks

Letters from Arthur Douglas Crease of Victoria to his brother Lindley Crease and his mother Sarah Crease; instructions for the offensive of July 26, 1917; a regimental notebook, diaries and scrapbook. Learn more.

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1. Troops will depart in trains as under: DEPART DATE: 16-3-19 TRAIN: NO: 1 STATION: ABERGELE TIME: 00.15 ARRIVE STATION: LIVERPOOL TIME: 11.30 DATE: 15-3-19. (Strongth 4 Officers, 10 2nd Class, 176 3rd Class

2. Major Boultheo will be 0.1/0 NO: 1 train 3. Warrants covering movement will be issued by A.D. of S & T. 4. Troops will fall in on the Wing Parade Ground at 06.15 o'clock and will move off at 06.30 o'clock. 6. Officers's Baggage will be ready for loading on transports at 05:25 o'clock and will be piled outside quarters. 6. Baggage for each train will be kept separate and labelled showing train for which baggage is destined. A fatigue will be detailed to load baggage. 7. Other Ranks will proceed in full marching order and will carry their kits to the station. 8. Haversack rations will be carried as per QRO d/2-12-19 which will be delivered to Wing by 0.0 C.I.S.C. 9. Am M.O. will proceed with each train and an ambulance will follow each column as the march. 10. All troops. must be given a hot meal before leaving. 11. Troops for each train will report to Officer i/c Embarkation with AEROGARE Station, an hour prior to departure of train. 12. The Office i/c Embarkation will be responsible that all ranks proceeding on each train report in column of Route to the R.T.O.. Head of column drawn up, as directed, at the entrance to the Station, but clear of the entrance, 30 minutes prior to the departure of the train. 13. Troops must be entrained in strict order of Military Districts from head of train to rear of train. In cases where troops have no military district proceed o [illegible] the first train must be entrained at the rear and the party on the next train at the head of train so as to [illegible] when detraining. 14. March discipline will be observed. 15. Troops leaving after dark will carry [illegible] lights. An NCO and 2 other ranks will be detailed to carry and bring back lights. 16. Officer i/c trains will detail an Officer to act as Train Baggage Office. This Officer will see that all baggage is load on the train. This Officer will also be responsible for baggage train and will, enroute of before the train leaves, detail a fatigue party to unload baggage at the station of arrival. He will secure that this fatigue party is ready to carry out these duties immediately the draws into station.

Sidney Allen Bora, Lt.

REVEILLE 415 BLANKETS 435 BREAKFAST 530 [illegible] 615 MOVE OFF 630

Issued at 12 o'clock this 14th March 1919.

1. Copy filed 2. Major Boultbec 3. Major Stewart 4. Capt Crease 5. Lieut. McKenzie 6. Lieut. Mabee 7. Lieut. Smith 8. Officer's Mess 9. Wing Officer 10. O.C. No.1 Coy 11. O.C. No. 2 Coy 12. O.C. No. 3 Coy 13. O.C. Discharges 14. Quartermaster 15. Medical Officer 16. RSM 17. Bugler 18. Officer's Kitchen 19. NCO i/c Mon's Cookhouse 20. Corporal i/c Batman

BC Archives, MS-2879, Box 83, File 1 CREASE FAMILY "Diary of the War", diary and scrapbook of Arthur Douglas Crease.

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