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Arthur Douglas Crease Letters, Diaries and Scrapbooks

Letters from Arthur Douglas Crease of Victoria to his brother Lindley Crease and his mother Sarah Crease; instructions for the offensive of July 26, 1917; a regimental notebook, diaries and scrapbook. Learn more.

*All transcriptions are provided by volunteers, and the accuracy of the transcriptions is not guaranteed. Please be sure to verify the information by viewing the image record, or visiting the BC Archives in person. 

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1918 Jan 24. 34th & 32nd Division of X corps people began to cover in Echr of Capt HR Dillow. Capt HH Harding Judge Advocate, Went to Cologne & bought a beautiful Goerg camera 10 x 15 crew. My compulsory hosh Herr Dieckman told me that his mother was Scotch. He had been in England. He invited we bring to my wife & children to stay with them when all was settled. The snake! 25. Did not leave today after all - Duncan, Chown & I left. Motored to Cologne & heard in the very fine opera house Cav. Rusticana & Bajazzo & (I. Pagliacci) Excellent. A real Our party was Duncan Chown McSeevy & Durrell. Dined at the Ewige Lasufe officers club & motored back to Dover. Excessively cold. 26. Fine but dull & v. cold. After eating breakfast from the Engineers, we thee started in the motor at 10 am Made Duren nearly frozen by 11 & stayed there till 12 then on to Aachen where we lunched at Palash Hotel ~ a fine place and charges reasonable. Food very fair. Just had time to admire the wonderful Hall of Charlemagne with its fine frescoes in the Rathhaus (now a Haus ) The small octagonal cathedral where the music was exquisite & then on again through the cold to Liege

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