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Arthur Douglas Crease Letters, Diaries and Scrapbooks

Letters from Arthur Douglas Crease of Victoria to his brother Lindley Crease and his mother Sarah Crease; instructions for the offensive of July 26, 1917; a regimental notebook, diaries and scrapbook. Learn more.

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1918 took train to Norwich & after shopping went on

Mch 9. by train to Hettersett. Quite warm.

10. Sunday - To Ch. twice. In pm. drove [illegible] cart over to Caistor to see Con. Howard Cecil in bed.

11. Beautiful day. Con. came to lunch & motored me to Norwich Sta. Had driver at The Haven & there met Miss Gill (Paddy) who turned out to be a friend of Liddy Holmes & his people & is [illegible] a relative of theirs - went to Mme Butterfly at Drury Lane. Desiree Ellinger could hardly have been better in name part but I always dislike the opera.

12. Train to Broxbourne & so by cab to Hailey bury. Found many changes in buildings. All for the better. Saw Hawkins Kennedy of Lee, Dave Headley White & Millford. Had a talk with the head, M. Stalin - Lunch (excellent) at College Arms & back by Herdford.

13. To Bea Gosheus in Cheque walk for lunch. More trains taxis & busses. To tea & supper with Meg & took her to her work at Alexandra Pavilion & then back to the Russell.

BC Archives, MS-2879, Box 83, File 1 CREASE FAMILY "Diary of the War", diary and scrapbook of Arthur Douglas Crease, 1915-1919.

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