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Arthur Douglas Crease Letters, Diaries and Scrapbooks

Letters from Arthur Douglas Crease of Victoria to his brother Lindley Crease and his mother Sarah Crease; instructions for the offensive of July 26, 1917; a regimental notebook, diaries and scrapbook. Learn more.

*All transcriptions are provided by volunteers, and the accuracy of the transcriptions is not guaranteed. Please be sure to verify the information by viewing the image record, or visiting the BC Archives in person. 

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Octr 4. Recd my leave warrant & head it for Aubigny - From there headed for St Pol on foot (for fear of recall) in a storm of rain & wind. Got a lift in a fish car with 3 girls, a Belgian, a Lilloise & the other from Dapaunne. (red, dark & non-descript).

5. Caught leave train at 4am. Could not get on leave boat today .

6. Leave boat left at 12.15. Met Girdwood on board & shared the cabin wh. he had as [illegible]. Calm passage & found sunshine on Eng side. Took room at Russell Hotel. Saw Romance at Lyrie - Doris Keane really first class - a memorable performance.

7. city in morning, then to Paddington & then to Waterloo. Lunched at Bea Gochen's & there met Meg. Dined there also & met [illegible] & two friends (

8. Took train To Swanaga & then motored to Studland. Sunshine but cold. Sea & shore exquisitely beautiful. Back to London.

9. Train from Paddington to Taunton. Hilda Lindley met me in motor - I went for a walk with her over the links. The most beautiful part of England I have seen.

BC Archives, MS-2879 Box 83 File 1 / CREASE FAMILY /"diary of the War", Diary and scrapbook of Arthur Douglas Crease, 1915-1919.

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