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Arthur Douglas Crease Letters, Diaries and Scrapbooks

Letters from Arthur Douglas Crease of Victoria to his brother Lindley Crease and his mother Sarah Crease; instructions for the offensive of July 26, 1917; a regimental notebook, diaries and scrapbook. Learn more.

*All transcriptions are provided by volunteers, and the accuracy of the transcriptions is not guaranteed. Please be sure to verify the information by viewing the image record, or visiting the BC Archives in person. 

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Wed 18 Apl. Snow rain. Moved forward to just in front of Vimy so lovely in German hands - Good deal of Shelling Thurs 19 Apl. Few casualties Frid 20 Apl. Relieved 28th in front line but did not move [illegible] 3000 yds from [BHQ ?] to front lines [anor ?] 700 yds to out [frost ?] [rabout ?] 300 yds to German - [name] shelling very heavy Sat 21 Not much change - weather better but shelling worse Our [illegible] [illegible] 13 [cus?] - + 5 horses. Relieved by 20th + [name] to [name] [illegible] - [arm ?] [Reets ?]. Last to arrive 7 am. pretty hot [illegible] Sund. 22. Everyone resting.

Mond. 23 Apl Perfect day - Maclean [woke ?] up to front line [lash ?] [right ?] + returned 7. AM. Ch [name] Major fallen [illegible] walked to [Maroquick ?] for a bath by the R.[name]. Very peaceful - 

Tues. 24 Apl. - Shelling near camp [lusued ?] abt 500 yrds. better camps v. fine weather but cold wind

BC Archives, MS-2879 Box 82 File 2 / CREASE FAMILY, Diary of Arthur Douglas Crease, 1915-1917

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