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Arthur Douglas Crease Letters, Diaries and Scrapbooks

Letters from Arthur Douglas Crease of Victoria to his brother Lindley Crease and his mother Sarah Crease; instructions for the offensive of July 26, 1917; a regimental notebook, diaries and scrapbook. Learn more.

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Archives of British Columbia, CREASE COLLECTION

In the event of any Battalion, Company or Platoon being held up, the Units on the flanks will on no account check their advance, but will form defensive flanks towards the Units held up, and press forward themselves so as to envelope centre of resistance – or strong point – preventing the advance. With this object in view, reserves will be pushed in behind those portions which are successful, rather than those which are held up.


The final scheme of consolidation of the 6th Canadian Infantry Brigade will be as follows:–

(1). An outpost line of detached posts running from the Southern Division boundary just inside the Eastern edge of BOIS DE LA VILLE, thence through B. l. Central, including group of dug-outs in the road just south of this point. These posts will be Lewis Gun posts only. This line will eventually become the Front Line.

(ii) An observation line running from TAX TRENCH (exclusive) along line of German Gun positions on western edge of BOIS DE LA VILL. This line is intended to cover all the O.P’s on the forward slope of Hill 140 and will ultimately become the Support Line.

All possible use will be made of the dug-outs in German Gun – Traverse being built as early as possible to protect the entrances of these dug-outs from the East.

This line will be constructed at first by a line of rifle pits, in best positions possible for observation, and be manned by a system of double sentries with their reliefs in the dug-outs close by.

(iii) A main line of resistance running just in rear of the crest of HILL 140, commencing on Southern Divisional Boundary just North of TAX TRENCH, the line will run just West of the first line of wire as far as TANGO TRENCH; from this point it will run South of THELUS MILL to the junction of GRENADIER GRABEN and LILLE ROAD. This line must be sited with greatest care, essential point being that it is as near crest of the ridge as possible without being exposed to view by enemy to North-east. A long field of fire is not essential. This line must be wired as soon as possible, utmost use being made of existing German wire. Dug-outs must be provided as early as possible. It is hoped to obtain some assistance from a Tunneling Company for this work. This line will be the reserve line, and dug-outs when made, used to accommodate the reserves on whose offensive action the defence of the ridge will mainly depend. The 6th Canadian Infantry Brigade will be responsible for that portion of this line from Southern Divisional Boundary up to, and including the point on TELEGRAPHER WEG at A. 6. d. 5. 6, on the Northern Boundary of the Brigade.

(iv) The consolidation of lines (i) and (ii) will be done by “D” Coy and attached Platoon of “C” Coy, within the 29th Battalion Section of these lines. Consolidation of (iii) will be done by 28th and 31st Battalions.


TELEGRAPHER WEB from the MAIN RESISTANCE LINE up to A. 6. d. 10. ½, will be cleared and improved by “A” Coy, and from thence by “B” Coy. to the BROWN LINE.


An offensive patrol will be pushed out by “D” Coy. to B. 1. c. 9½. 9, as soon as the final barrage permits. This post will be flanked by one from the 27th Canadian Battalion at B. 2. c. 2. 6½, on the right, and by one from the 13th British Brigade at B. 1. b. 5. 1½, on the left.

BC Archives, MS-0055 Box 15 File 7 / CREASE FAMILY / Miscellaneous records, Arthur Douglas Crease, 1915 - 1918.

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