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Reverend Robert James Roberts Diary 1901 (A/E/R54/R54 1901)

Missionary, educator, colonist—Robert James Roberts was born in Ireland on December 8, 1831. He graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 1857 then journeyed to North America, arriving in Upper Canada in May of that year. The following year he met Anglican Bishop of Upper Canada Maurice Scollard Baldwin and expressed an interest in serving the Church of England. Roberts was admitted to Deacon’s Orders on December 15, 1858 and acted as a missionary for 20 years. Learn more.

Reverend Roberts often made notes in Pitman’s Shorthand which can be found throughout his journals and diaries. Please see the Pitman's English and Shorthand Dictionary if you would like to attempt a translation.

BC Archives PR-1511 Robert James Roberts fonds, 1845-1905

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January SUNDAY 6 1901 In greater pain than usual when I got up before daylight. I cld not remain in bed on a/c of the pain. Weather stormy & snowing most of the day. No Service [?] R wished to visit Mrs Spence, but were hindered by the weather. Feeling tired of confinement to the house I put on gum boots & went out. Took a photo of house & one looking towards the Barn. ([Suns?] pictures) Developed these at night. [Nixon?] walked down in the evening, & went back after 10 pm, trudging through the snow,

January MONDAY 7 1901 About noon it began again to snow. At 9 pm there were 17 inches of it. Perry & R took snow of buildings & some of the bushes in garden By light of lantern they took it also off pigstye, & canal shed I wrote long letter to Thea & enclosed 2 [velox?] photos. One of Percy Sydney Roberts standing & one of those two in a group with Nixon, Monk & Deana

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