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As part of the Chinese Historical Wrongs Legacy Initiative, we’ve digitized a small selection of inquests and inquiries from 1872 to 1934, found in series GR-0431. These were chosen to reflect the experiences of early Chinese immigrants to B.C. – their living and working conditions, and their unfortunate accidental or unusual deaths.   They range from a woman working in a brothel in Barkerville who died of natural causes to three sawmill workers who died from malnutrition. Learn more.

*All transcriptions are provided by volunteers, and the accuracy of the transcriptions is not guaranteed. Please be sure to verify the information by viewing the image record, or visiting the BC Archives in person. 

BC Archives GR-0431

*Please note that archival source materials are original historical documents that have not been censored, reviewed or otherwise altered by the Royal BC Museum. Some materials may contain content that is racist, sexist or otherwise offensive. The Royal BC Museum is only the custodian of archival materials; the content does not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the Royal BC Museum.

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15 have sometimes left him in charge. There is ample searoom where the collision occurred. I asked Ramwell if he understood the bells in case he might want to stop the boat. I would not have asked the mate such a question because I knew he understood them. When I first went to the wheel after the collision I took charge of it. I found it hard a port. That would tend to throw the Rithet away from the Enterprise. The hydraulic steering gear was not in operation. As a general thing the Rithet handles well but it depends on the current. I am certain my engineers answered the bell properly. The Rithet struck the Enterprise on her port side. I don't know how the collision occurred. To Mr. Gannaway. The helm hard a port was the proper position under the circumstances. The fore part of the Enterprise began to sink first. She did not sink very rapidly. I think everything was done that could be to assist the Enterprise passengers

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Harry Ramwell sworn. I was quartermaster of the steamer Rithet when the collision occurred last week. About a quarter to 2 Capt. Insley 12 BC Archives GR-0431 BRITISH COLUMBIA. ATTORNEY GENERAL. Box 4 File 1 Inquisitions/inquests conducted by coroners in British Columbia.

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