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Frank Swannell Diaries: Part I

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BC Archives MS-0392 - Box 1, Volume 4-5

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3rd Bde HQ Ferme Loridan-Ploegsteert 64. Sets 7h. 50m.] JULY, 1915. [Day 15h. 28m. long]

THURSDAY 29 [210-155]

Accident at Bailleul- Bomb drops from aeroplane & injures 7 people.

Aeroplane combat Tonight -- In Trenches again today

FRIDAY 30 [211-154]

                                    or "Loridan"

Headquarters moved down To large farm "L'Auridon" on Ploegsteert Road. about 1/2 mile from Town Get leave + visit armentieres -- a manufacturing Town - mostly cloth. - Has suffered much from shell fire Old Town house of Count of Hainault -- walls pitted with rifle & shrapnel fire -- windows broken & notice panelling 2 pictures ruined. Scour the Town for a bath & finally a Estaminet waitress rustles up a concierge who fixes us a bath in a deserted hotel -- The scoundrel charges us 2 fr. a head -- probably commission for mamzelle.

SATURDAY 31 [212-153] 31st Week Trinity Law Sittings end Game Certificates expire

very cramped work room -- 2 orderly room sergeants & us in one corner of kitchen -- cooking + eating going on in another corner -- Flies bad & a squalling young'un -- Sugar lump bait for flies after 3 days service given kid to eat

Sergt Bernard - staff sergt here.

-- Reverts To  Bn. & killed summer of 1916

making small sketch maps of trenches out front -- Finish[?] 1/5,000 traces after much trouble with smudgy graph ink

P7, 7A, 23--B5 67 F2

BC Archives, MS-0392 FRANK SWANNEL PAPERS Box 1 Diary and enclosures, 1915. Volume 4

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