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Frank Swannell Diaries: Part I

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BC Archives MS-0392 - Box 1, Volume 4-5

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3rd Bde HQ. Ferme Loridan- Ploegesteert. 65 2nd, Mn's last qu. 9.27 p.m.] AUGUST,1915. [6th, Sun rises 4h. 33m

SUNDAY 1 (31 Days) [213-152] 9th after Trinity Scottish Quater Day. Lammas

Work all day Today.

MONDAY 2 [214-151] Bank Holiday Eng., Scot. & Ire. Royal Academy closes

The Brigade Maj: "you two men report immediately in my room" -- We do + stand like ramrods at 'shun "Now kill every blasted fly in heah" -- Evidently appointment as Fly-Catcher Extraordinary To His Excellency -- and we hear Villiers was a commission agent in Uncos[?]. before the war! -- Hard work being a philosp. in this outfit People here use a lump of sugar as bait for flies, and after a days work with it give it To the kid To eat -- Pigsty & well synchronize as usual --

TUESDAY 3 [215-150]

Set to work by Capt Morrisey at putting trenches on the large white prints -- cramped for room & flies bad in the dining room -- Move into the mess tent & hear much edifying Talk over the wine from the General & Brigade Major. 2 MPs from Canada around on Tour -- Cold showery weather. See Paymaster of 16th and are advised To "sit tight Much firing at aeroplane at 5am by our anti-aircraft gun 1/4 mile down road -- Notice warning in French & Flemish regarding wings of mills -- at restt must be [drawing]

WEDNESDAY 4 [216- I 19]

Still working on maps putting on German Trenches + ours -- Wearisome job - Bde Maj. on his ear this morning because his batman overslept

       First Anniversary of the War 

2d. Corps Front -- 650am Aug 3. -- Hostile Aeroplane was attacked by a British one at Wutoerghem -- Came down evidently badly hit by maxim fire just inside the German lines.

As usual had supper near Romanson -- Talking with Belgian girl & her brother  - latter  on furlough -- very young & effeminate looking  - de lonnime [?] lonsieme[?]

BC Archives, MS-0392, Box 1 Volume 4, FRANK SWANNELL PAPERS, Diary and enclosures, 1915.

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