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Henry Masterman Mist Diaries and Prisoners Pie Magazine

Diaries of Heny Masterman Mist and a copy of Prisoners’ Pie, the Ruhleben Camp magazine. Learn more.

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BC Archives MS-2570

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Mon Jan 15. All whose 45th birthdays came before Dec 31 1916 signed passports this p.m. I among next. Note from Frau P.

Tues Jan 16. Recd p.m. box walnuts from Frau Pfotenhauer.

Jan 19. Fri. Card from T.

Jan 21. Sun. Had photo taken for passport, with about 50 others. Posted family letter to T. and card to Mrs Davies.

Jan 23. Tues. Drew 20 m fr Mummford. Saw Mrs Delilar to speak to for a few minutes. Sent off parcel of drawings to Edith.

Jan 24. Wed. Card from T.

Jan 27. Kaiser's 58th birthday.

Jan 28. Sun. Posted card to T.

Jan 31. Wed. Some electric main cable supposed to have broken & in consequence no lights in entire camp this evening.

Feb 1. Thurs. Water pipers frozen. No water & no steam heating!

BC Archives, MS-2570 Box 1 File 2 MIST, Henry Masterman Diary, Ruhleben, 06 Feb 1915 - 06 Mar 1918

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