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Frederick Tregillus Letters from the Cariboo Boys

Letters to Frederick James Tregillus from Barkerville men who served in the First World War: Joseph Callanan, J.H. Ellis, George Freeman Killam, George Gilchrest, R. Norris, Mr. and Mrs. Nowosky, John Petterson, Ernest Seeley, N.W. Thompson, George Turner, and John Benjamin Westover. Learn more.

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BC Archives MS-0426

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Bramshott Camp Feb 27th

Mr F.J. Tregillius Barkerville B.C.

Dear Fred

I received your kind letter with enclosed interesting notes for which I am truly thankful. It is the first I have heard from Barkerville for ever so long. Abe Stott has been very good in writing, but I have not heard from him quite a while. I also had a letter from Murphy today and a long and interesting letter it was and one of the best written letters I ever read. I also have a letter from Olaf Osland. He has done well in Alaska and has been on a trip to Norway to see his People and - got married in New York. The letter was writen some time in October and has traveled far and wide, before I got it. He is very likely in Alaska again by this time. He will be surprised when he hears I am in the Army. I am sorry to see that Jim Thompson was rejected. Well Thompson is 57 years old, and it is about time he cuts out the rough stuff. I dont believe the climate would agree with him here, wet and cold, we have hardly seen the sun since I came here, but the gardens were green till the midle of January, when cold weather set in, the Mercury went down as low as two below zero in parts of England. Here I think the coldest we had would be about 10 above, maybe colder as we had no thermometer. I se Thompson has made some missstatement. When he says I came over as

BC Archives, MS-0426 Box 1 File 9 / TREGILLUS, Frederick James, 1862 - 1962. Barkerville, miner. / Correspondence from John Pettersen, 1917.

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