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Reverend Robert James Roberts Diary 1893 (A/E/R54/R54 1893)

Missionary, educator, colonist—Robert James Roberts was born in Ireland on December 8, 1831. He graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 1857 then journeyed to North America, arriving in Upper Canada in May of that year. The following year he met Anglican Bishop of Upper Canada Maurice Scollard Baldwin and expressed an interest in serving the Church of England. Roberts was admitted to Deacon’s Orders on December 15, 1858 and acted as a missionary for 20 years. Learn more.

Reverend Roberts often made notes in Pitman’s Shorthand which can be found throughout his journals and diaries. Please see the Pitman's English and Shorthand Dictionary if you would like to attempt a translation.

BC Archives PR-1511 Robert James Roberts fonds, 1845-1905

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Fair + mild as Spring

We had breakfast by lamplight and Robbie was off sail to Chemanius River in the 'Mary' d? Percy shot a mallard in our stream. He expected some of "Thetisonians" down to go with him to the river. They did not come, so he stayed at home. A ewe of L's lambed (alive) Bill Curran accompanied by his wife and daughter Edith arrived about 2 pm - asking me to marry Julia Curran next Saturday to halfbreed (Italian and Indian) named Nicholas Basso - L gave them dinner then they went to Warnock's on Galiano. Andw Wilson and Levi came in ? and got medicine for themselves and for Ida Robbie returned as we were at tea - with only one duck - a better ball. He laid the blame on ? son? (my old one). Up at dawn, Another drink? this morning. (mine a rum) Terry and I did some cleaning back of barn and he part up a shelter shed for the lambs. A.Wilson M Wilson and Don? helped O. R. and me to carry the "roof" (an old affair lying agst the fence) I gave Andrew a dose of medicine - Janis? washing chez nous After that Terry went to "Thetis" to help commemorate the Burchells' wedding Tonight I wrote to "Hoddie & Stoughte" wrote tonight to Laura Wadhams

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