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1901/90 Rex vs. Wong Quen and Wong Yun – running a gambling house, Nanaimo


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Ah Wing, continued:-

By Mr. Bloomfield.

Have been buying tickets here twice. Bought tickets in Victoria over ten times. Do not know anything outside of what I have stated.

Ah Wing.

"James Abrams" S.M.

Ling you, sworn saith:- I know the accused, Live in Chinatown. They deal in lottery for a living. They have a house in Chinatown. I was not in their house. I remember the day the accused were arrested, at the place. Was present there that day and bought a ticket that day, and paid forty cents for it. Ticket produced and marked "C" I paid the money to Wong Yuan. There were eighty chinese characters on boards produced. They were rolled up and divided into four equal parts, and placed in four separated tins now produced and marked Ex. "D", then they roll four numbers and select one of the four, and the number that corresponds with the number of the tin, is selected for the draw, the balance are discarded, the drawing of the number is by chance, all the pills are taken out of the tin, selected and placed on a board and they win or lose on those numbers. Cannot tell if the original ticket is in the bunch produced marked "B". There are no originals in the bunch, Exhibit C, corresponds with the characters on the board marked "E". I won

BC Archives GR-0419 Box 89 File 1901/90 / BRITISH COLUMBIA. ATTORNEY GENERAL. / Attorney General Documents.