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Martha Douglas Journal

Journal kept by Martha Douglas, youngest daughter of Sir James Douglas. Learn more.

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BC Archives MS-0678

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Wednesday. 15th Started from school with [illegible] Eliza at quarter past eight A.M. arrived at Dover at 1.30 where I was met by Agnes & Dusgate. We start for Ostend tomorrow morning.

Thursday 16. Started this morning at 9.40 from Dover, arrived at Ostend at 2. had lunch. Got into train. Took tickets for Brussels. Stopped at Bruges & Ghent. Arrived at Brussels at 6 P.M. secured rooms at Hotel de France. Very comfortable near park. Went into park with Agnes & Dusgate found it very lovely . Passed into fairyland and I had coffee. Called Vauxhall. Odd, returned. Very sleepy goodnight.

Friday. Trip to Waterloo proposed. Church. Arrived at [?] jumped up into front seat awfully jolly. Passed through a magnificent wood, Bois de la Cambles, with drives & ornamental waters. Saw old Roman arch in distance very pretty. Passed into the road made by Napolean 10 yrs before the batt. of Waterloo. Lots of beggars. Saw woods of Soignet. Given to D. of Wellington by the Belg & returned to them by his son. Very long drive saw Hougoumount & Haye de la pairite & La belle Alliance. Near second named place is a monument to the Hanoverians & Colonel Gordon. The spot where

BC Archives, MS-0678 Box 1 File 6 / DOUGLAS, Sir James / Journal kept by Martha Douglas, 1872 - 1873.

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