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Martha Douglas Journal

Journal kept by Martha Douglas, youngest daughter of Sir James Douglas. Learn more.

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BC Archives MS-0678

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Friday 20th. Perth. I have just missed the morning train I see it moving off, why I can't reach it, my baggage is all in the train, what shall I do. Well I'll telegraph to Jane & tell her I will start by the & to 12 train. What a bore to have to remain here.

Dunain 10 o/c evening. I have arrived at last. Mr Dallas met me at the station, Jane & the dear children gave me such a warm welcome. The dear creatures.

January 1873.

Sunday 25th. How I have been neglecting you poor dear journal, I have had nothing sad to record only that I leave for school on Tuesday, I would rather remain here. I can't help myself, it must be done. Dear sister Jane is writing to dear Agnes. Goodbye for the present dear journal, must go to bed. I must remember the 18th of this month.

Lansdowne House. Tuesday May 14. I am going to start for my trip on the Continent next Thursday. I am so glad. I go down to Dover tomorrow at a quarter to eight, that is I am to start from here at that hour & then go as far as Vauxhall get out of the carriage for the Victoria station. I wonder who will go with me.

BC Archives, MS-0678 Box 1 File 6 / DOUGLAS, Sir James / Journal kept by Martha Douglas, 1872 - 1873.

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