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Martha Douglas Journal

Journal kept by Martha Douglas, youngest daughter of Sir James Douglas. Learn more.

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BC Archives MS-0678

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that I wished that I were under it, no hopes of that at present, feel very dirty. The dust getting very disagreeable, find the beds very comfortable.

Sunday 20th

Arrived at Ogden this morning at 6 A.M. Changed cars, got in the Pullman Palace car, we find it comfortable, the accommodations are excellent. The porters & conductors are very polite & kind. We are as present sitting in the observation car so called as it has no cover & those who wish sit there & look at the scenery which is certainly magnificent. Passed Devils Slide, the 1000 mile [illegible], Devil’s gate & other wonderful things.

Wednesday 21st

Fort Laramie arrived here this morning and had breakfast. Laramie rather a nice looking place. The surrounding country beautiful. Large plains some 8,000 feet above the level of the sea. Large droves of cattle in the plains.

Thursday 22nd

Arrived at Omaha at 3.30 changed cars there & go to Council Bluffs & get into the Burlington Line. Carriages very comfortable.

Friday 23rd

Arrived at Chicago this afternoon. It is certainly wonderful the way in which it is growing up again after that disasterous fire last year. There is a large railroad depot & a number of trains running backwards & forwards, we were an hour getting into Chicago. We had to change cars there & have our

BC Archives, MS-0678 Box 1 File 6 / DOUGLAS, Sir James / Journal kept by Martha Douglas, 1872 - 1873.

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