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Frank Swannell Diaries: Part I

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BC Archives MS-0392 - Box 1, Volume 4-5

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1 1916, 31 days, (1&2) January Clarence Goodrich Hut AB- Woodcote Park Can. Conv. Hosp. Epsom Surrey

Flore Bereumaux, Chez Henri Bereumaux Romarin, (Dieppe) Swannell, Noakes] - 1/3 profits 1915 $327.00 $1200 owing firm- Gr Donaldson David 77273 - 1st Bde CF.A. 1st Can. Bid. A.O. Staff

Dec 31st Elementary Redrill on 5 Ton Gun - moving on sleigh] across ditch. Bottle of Scotch, Port with Walker - Hay's (much exhilarated) Cooper c quiet Gray & Walker disastrously sick -Warring & I head for bed at 1 pm - Walker sees Gray home &camps in Defensible for the night - Party of three propped against the wall singing lustily Cooper killed in France April 6th - only across 6 days age 18

1 Saturday (1-365) Circumcision, Bank Holiday, Scotland. Holiday, Stock Exchange Gate blowing -Abandon making of Epanlement [?] Walker & I walk to tenting - go wring road near Cancus [?] castle & make an 18 mile trip of it & meet Warring at Peerless Hotel & return by train Tenby very pretty - Poor Walker all in With Gray & Hays go to variety show - very poor -

2 Sun - 2 aft Christmas (2-364) At home all day - wrote 11 letters & straightened up accounts Rain & wind - pouring at night Walker still in a most distressful condition

BC Archives GR-0392 Box 1 Volume 5 / FRANK SWANNELL PAPERS / Diary and enclosures, 1916.

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