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BC Archives MS-2685

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June 25th

Hotel Klanderij Leeuwarden, Friesland

Dear Errol,

I was very glad to get your letter from the last convoy and to know that you had a decent billet. Machine gun work must be rather interesting I should think - When I was out we considered ourselves damned lucky because we had two in the battalion. I suppose you regard that much in the same light as we regard the bow and arrow period.

There is a conference going on about prisoners at the Hague at present but I'm afraid the officers will not gain very much - The Germans are reported to be keen for repatriation but for some reason or other we are not. It is difficult to see the war office's point of view because with the millions involved 400 or 500 officers could not make the slightest difference and it will be pretty sickening if they do not fix some limit to this existence. Of course we are having a pretty good time here and all the that sort of thing but it is frightful waste of time too. I expect I told you all this before but it is about the only thing I can think of just now. I shall have to address this care of J.P.G. because I have forgotten your address which Aunt Betty gave me and the clerk scratched it out of your letter. I wish they would spend a little of their energy in clearing some of the speeches that

BC Archives, MS-2685 Box 17 File 2 OLIVER, William Edgar, 1867-1920. Victoria; lawyer. Erroll P. Gillespie, correspondence outward 1915-1917.

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