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Henry Masterman Mist Diaries and Prisoners Pie Magazine

Diaries of Heny Masterman Mist and a copy of Prisoners’ Pie, the Ruhleben Camp magazine. Learn more.

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BC Archives MS-2570

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+ some crepe shirts. Letter from Muriel, May 23 ...

June 17. Sat. Received 3 parcels from Mrs. Davies containing 4 loaves bread, about half of which was mildewed throughout.

June 18. Sun. Posted card to T.

June 19. Mon. Card fr Tottie. 1st Arts & Crafts Exhib. opened.

June 20. Tues. " " " [ditto marks under 1st Arts & Crafts Exhib. opened]

June 23. Fri. Large package fr. Mrs. Davies. Card fr. T.

June 24. Sat. Family letter to Tottie.

June 26. Monday. Card to Muriel. American Ambassador came into inspect camp + had to listen to some "straight truths" from some of the sailors and others. 8 of us had a salad supper with wine in studio in eve. in celebration of the winding up of the Arts + Crafts exhibition.

June 27. Tues. Am. Ambassador in again today

June 28. Wed. Recd loaf of bread (half mildewed) from Mrs Davies. About 40 men from str. "Brussels"

BC Archives, MS-2570

Box 1 File 2 MIST, Henry Masterman Diary, Fuhleben, 06 Feb 1915 - 06 Mar 1918

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