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Alma Russell Letters

Letters of British Columbia men on active service with Canadian and British Expeditionary Forces, 1914-1918. Learn more.

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BC Archives MS-1901

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39, Tavistock Square, Russell Square, London., W.C., 5th. July 1917.

Dear Miss Russell:

I hope you will excuse me typing this but as I had a few minutes to spare in the Office I thought I would drop you aline to thank you very much indeed for yours of the 1st. June which arrived the day before yesterday.

It was the first Canadian mail that has come for over three weeks. They seem to hold it up and bring two or three mails over together. I am glad you liked the photo taken at camp. The jersy you sent me fits fine thank you, and I note what the "O.K." means. I am afraid I have very backward in writing but when I sit down to write there does not seem to be anything to write about. I have not seen Mis Bowron since I have been up here, in fact I did not know before that she was over here. I was very sorry to hear that Mr. LeMesurier had left as I thought he was a very nice fellow. I suppose that there are not any soldiers in Victoria except the 5th. Regt. etc. and all the letters I receive that the town is absolutely dead but the funny part is that they say that Vancouver is booming.

I have run across quite a number of Victoria fellows up here. By the way my Dad and I went out to Lieut. Heinekey who is in Hospital at Wandsworth and he looked much better although he is suffering great pain from his leg. Also we met his Brother who is in the 15th. Artillery Brigade at the Station on Sunday.

On Saturday I am going down to visit the camp again for the week-end. I understand that Gregory is in the 15th. Bde. now and is likely to go to France any time but I have not seen or heard from him since we left Bramshott, last October.

I think I have seen nearly all the places of interest in London by now, but there always seems to be something new.

We are having fairly good weather here now although it rained nearly all yesterday. I suppose that you are having the finest weather in Victoria now, and do not feel like being cooped up in an Office all day.

I am afraid I must go now, Miss Russell, please be good enough to remember me to all the Staff and Mr. Scholefield. I hope that Geoff. is getting on well in his work and that he likes it.

Again thanking you for your letter and heres to wish the best of luck to you and the Staff and hoping that you are in the very best of health as this leaves me.

Again asking you to excuse me typing this, and with very sincere wishes.

Very very sincerely yours,


BC Archives, MS-1901 Box 1 File 3 RUSSELL, Alma M., 1873 – 1964. Victoria; librarian. Letters, cards and a photograph from Eustace Bidlake, 1917 – 1919.

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