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Norah C. Denny Letters and Queen Margaret's School

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BC Archives MS-1337

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Certificate No. 14 Brassard (Arm Badge) No. 14 Name of holder Norah C. Denny Nationality Irish Civil status Spinster Apparent age 31 Height 5 ft. 4 1/2 in Colour of hair Auburn Colour of eyes Brown

Visible marks (such as scars on face, loss of fingers, &c., &c.) Burn scar R. forearm

Signature of holder Norah C. Denny special probationer. att'd to Q.M.I.M.N.S.R.

Signature of competent military authority CM Kelly Capt R.A.M.C.

Place War Hq Newcastle staff.

Date 30/1/17 P.T.O.

BC Archives, MS-1337 Box 1 File 1 QUEEN MARGARET’S SCHOOL. Duncan. Norah C. Denny, records regarding wartime nursing service. 1914-1920.

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