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Patullo Family Letters

Letters from James Burleigh Pattullo and George Robson Pattullo Jr. to their father George Robson Pattullo. Learn more.

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BC Archives MS-1188

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We'll have the time later. Perhaps there'll be no strain of war in the air then, and I'll have a week to relax in and just paint things generally. At present writing I haven't time to go anywhere--just work, and hustling around fixing up red-tape formalities.

Had a talk yesterday with General March, Chief of the General Staff, U.S. Army, in Washington. He ranks with Pershing--full general--four stars. When I first knew him, he wore one--a brigadier. He received me very kindly, didn't keep me waiting outside as a smaller man would have done, and we gossiped for ten minutes. Just before he sailed from France to take this job of head of the U.S. Army over here, I had him for lunch at Larue's. That lunch was a bear, but it was money well spent--also, the Post paid for it. March is a very able man--one of the very best we've got in this country--more like a keen business man than a professional soldier, although he has been in the army all his life.

Celie went to Washington with me, and is here now. She seems pretty fit, and is recovering strength after her illness. I nursed her through that, with Emma's able assistance, and didn't catch any ill-effects. (Please knock on wood for me; I do it daily) She will remain here, or go home for a while; she may even go to California to be with Miss Helen Ardrey, the fat old Dallas girl who took her abroad to Russia the year before we were married--the Ardreys are friends of the family--by the way, there's a chance for you; she's about forty-five, has a snug income, and tips the beam around 215--just the sort for that cold Canadian climate. Eh bien, I am leaving Celie's arrangements for her to make. She can't stay in our own home in Dallas

BC Archives MS-1188 Box 1 File 4 PATTULLO, George Robson, 1845 - . Woodstock, Ontario Selected letters from his son George R. Pattullo Jr., 1917-1918.

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