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Cecil Henry Meares Letters

Predominantly letters from Cecil Henry Meares to his fiancée, Lola Spengler. Learn more.

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BC Archives MS-0455

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troops are not far away.

It is difficult to realize how bad this war is till one sees the thousands of refugees and hundreds of burning houses all round.

You might lend this letter to Pointing to read 47 Orchard Mansions. I am too tired and will have to go out again soon.

Could you send by post some chewing gum and some meat extract lozenges.

With heaps of love and kisses Yours ever Cecil

kindly return

BC Archives, MS-0455 Box 1 File 1 MEARES, Cecil Henry, 1877 – 1937. Victoria; traveler, British military officer. Predominantly selected letters and cards from Meares to his fiancée, Lola Spengler, 1914 – 1918.

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