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Cecil Henry Meares Letters

Predominantly letters from Cecil Henry Meares to his fiancée, Lola Spengler. Learn more.

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BC Archives MS-0455

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Lyndhurst Friday

My darling Snuffy.

Thank you very much indeed for the putties and book which are very nice indeed, we expect to get away on Sunday but dont know where we will go. I will send you the money soon.

I am glad to hear that the house is nice, if your room is alright you must get a gas stone fitted it wont cost much and I will pay. We have had glorious weather all the time I only hope it will last. This is the finest crowd of infantry and artillery I have ever seen; but I dont think very much of this crowd; we are only attached to them for food and are to work for the General.

With heaps of love and kisses Yours ever Lobby

BC Archives, MS-0455 Box 1 File 1 Meares, Cecil Henry, 1877-1937. Victoria; traveler, British military officer. Predominantly selected letters and cards from Meares to his fiancée, Lola Spengler, 1914-1918.

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