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Cecil Henry Meares Letters

Predominantly letters from Cecil Henry Meares to his fiancée, Lola Spengler. Learn more.

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BC Archives MS-0455

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Lyndhurst. Tuesday.

My darling Snuffy

I got down here all right and got a telegram from the Stores to say the parcel had been sent. I don't expect that we will start for some time yet, but noone knows this is supposed to be the finest infantry division in the army all old soldiers from India and abroad.

Would you send me by post a pair of Fox spiral putties khaki or any other spiral putties.

Also a book called Beckwiths Military expressions in English, French and German 1/6 or Times Book Club. (2 copies) let me know how much it costs.

With heaps of love and kisses Yours ever Lobby

BC Archives, MS-0455 Box 1 File 1 MEARES, Cecil Henry, 1877 – 1937. Victoria; traveler, British military officer. Predominantly selected letters and cards from Meares to his fiancée, Lola Spengler, 1914 – 1918.

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