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Ellison Family Letters

Letters from Price F., Vernon, Herbert and Albert Ellison of Vernon, B.C., to their mother Mrs. Price Ellison, and their sisters Elizabeth and Ellen. Learn more.

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BC Archives MS-0249

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chance of getting on it, even though I'm not 19. It once made me feel sick to see a lot of my best friends going and me left behind. The movements of the Battery are very uncertain, our moving orders were cancelled. As things stand we will be guarding [chincks] for a week or so, and may then be sent to spend the winter in some Eastern town. Nothing is definite these are just rumours from the officers.

Well I have given the next man a half hours start on his shift. I am on Head quarters piquet for the night. My duty is to answer the phone a the Brigade orderly tent and not let anybody steal anything.

Your old son Vernon.

BC Archives, MS-0249 Box 1 File 13 / ELLISON FAMILY. Vernon. / Mrs. Price Ellison, correspondence inward from her son Vernon Ellison, 1917-1919.

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