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Ellison Family Letters

Letters from Price F., Vernon, Herbert and Albert Ellison of Vernon, B.C., to their mother Mrs. Price Ellison, and their sisters Elizabeth and Ellen. Learn more.

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BC Archives MS-0249

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soon and it won't be long until I am following him. There is a rumour around that they are going to move out of this town next Thursday but I hope it is'nt true because this is about the only decent place we have been in yet and I for one would like to stay for a little while longer.

I am still off duty with my finger but it is just about better, so I will have to find some other complaint to keep me off parades. I hate this drill more than ever.

Are you going to let Herbie come over here, they won't let him go to France. I guess he is crazy to see this country Bert & Vernon will not get over here for some time yet. Art training takes quite a while so I do not expect I shall be in this country when they do come

BC Archives, MS-0249 Box 1 File 10 / ELLISON FAMILY. Vernon. / Mrs. Price Ellison, correspondence inward from her son Price Ellison, 1917.

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