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Ellison Family Letters

Letters from Price F., Vernon, Herbert and Albert Ellison of Vernon, B.C., to their mother Mrs. Price Ellison, and their sisters Elizabeth and Ellen. Learn more.

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BC Archives MS-0249

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is perfectly lovely toward women & children, my year old baby would run to Bert from any of us; I have two little sons and our daughter and do not know how I could part with any of them but if my boys were military age I would feel differently probably in this great crisis. I attended a meeting here last eve of Union Gov & after hearing a good many able speakers we had Premier Norris of Manitoba address, he is my Mother's first cousin & we all love him since we were mere children. When you get Bert's address I would be very much obliged if you would forward it to me as I forget his number, he is not heavy on this letter writing but I will write to him, I write to a lot of Portage boys in England & France and have sent nine boxes for Xmas & do hope they get them. Sincerely yours Bertha McKechnie

You are all very brave & give Yours sons the way you have but will get your reward.

BC Archives, MS-0249 Box 1 File 7 / ELLISON FAMILY. Vernon. / Mrs. Price Ellison, selected correspondence inward, 1917.

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