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Deborah Florence Glassford Letters and Memorabilia

Letters written to Deborah Florence (Leighton) Glassford of Vancouver by men serving overseas, including some cards, programs and memorabilia. Learn more.

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BC Archives MS-0089

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3/ mind wander to cases within our own ken,where the wife has a strong husband at the Front,etc etc etc or away for a time & a change of sex appears in the offspring By the bye mine are all girls. By Jove what a lucky girl you are to win x100. Why ever didn’t you keep it till I came back to help you spend it or else save it, with all your other winnings so that you will be able to keep me in comfort when I marry you. Remember I shall want a pretty big “do” I had quite an amusing time on [Sat.?] I had some work to do which kept me till 3pm, then finding none abt, I went out for a stroll, & dropped into quite a nice tea place kept by a couple of French girls & ordered tea. I was rather disappointed, as the 2 pretty French girls , I found had left & were replaced by a very [angular?] looking hatchet faced girl. There were two [beastly?] Canadian [?] in there. Then when they went out I was left alone, sitting in a very comfy arm chair, before a very cheery fire. It was getting quite dark & I was building very lofty castles in the air. In fact I had just reached the point of commanding the allied Hosts & wiping the Germans off the blooming Earth, when a very pretty girl came in & had a look at me. I sort of sat up a bit & took notice. She came closer & had two more good looks at me. I than sat up still more and took lots more notice. When she had another look I suggested lighting a match in order that she might take in some of my more subtle beauties, but she said, "Oh I thought you were Major ____ (I forget the name) as he said he would be here at 4:30” I said, “Come and have some tea while you are waiting

BC Archives MS-0089 GLASSFORD, Deborah Florence (Leighton) Vancouver

Box 1 Correspondence inward 1917 File 5

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