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As part of the Chinese Historical Wrongs Legacy Initiative, we’ve digitized a small selection of inquests and inquiries from 1872 to 1934, found in series GR-0431. These were chosen to reflect the experiences of early Chinese immigrants to B.C. – their living and working conditions, and their unfortunate accidental or unusual deaths.   They range from a woman working in a brothel in Barkerville who died of natural causes to three sawmill workers who died from malnutrition. Learn more.

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BC Archives GR-0431

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No 5


I was watching right ahead. Mr Fowler was at my side, and possibly he understood conditions on the bridge better than I did, and possibly seen the green light and made mention of it.

Mr Jackson; - As an automobile driver, when you see the red light of an auto before you where is the red light?

A; - Back light.

Q; - Where do you look for a red light driving a car?

A; - Naturally in driving a car, coming on to a red light, the natural thing to think, some trouble or watch out.

Mr Beck; - Can you tell or describe the gates?

A; - The only way I can describe the gate on that bridge is what I saw. I didn't make much of an examination. The gate is made out of pipe, with a wire inch mesh, I should say about a two or two and a half inch mesh woven, and I didn't particularly notice the hinges how it was hung. I noticed there was some hinges. I noticed the gate on the south side was badly hit somehow, but a presume it was probably the machine that struck it.

Q; - How was it hung, from the side or the center?

A; - From the side.

Q; - What color was it?

A; - The colour, I guess was the natural colour. These wires were not colored, galvanised pipe I believe, very dark, I should imagine it was fairly dark.

Q; - What color is the galvanized?

A; - Gray, I guess, very light color. I am positive it was galvanized.

Q; - Would a gate colored, of that color green be as good a protection as if it was colored white?

A; - I don't think so.

Q; - So that the light of an automobile shining on it would be more protection shining on a white gate than on a green gate?

A; - I should think so.

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