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Wellington Coal Mine


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the fresh air into the level would render the gass harmless if there was any there it was a matter of judgement as to how much of the brattice should be left open. At about half past 9 O Clock Dixon reported to me that there was no gass in the level I knew that he had been in once before, & I had tetisfied. I told Dixon at the time he reported to me that Gass might accumu- -late in the level owing to a portion of the air being taken off & that he was to watch it particularly & to allow no one to go through No 3 Curtain I believe I cautioned him three times on this matter. Some time before 12 O Clock Dixon passed me in the level No.10 & agrumbled about John Dick being "scared" about the gass. I told him that John Dick was a stranger in the mine & did not know it as well as he did & that he was to in and examine it for the satisfaction of any of the men that wished him to do so, he left me and went in through the curtain, I saw him come back, I called out is that you Dixon, & he answered Yes, & asked him if all was right

BC Archives GR-0431 BRITISH COLUMBIA. ATTORNEY GENERAL. Boc 2 File 6 Inquisitions/inquests conducted by coroners in British COlumbia.