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Wellington Coal Mine


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6th witness 19

Robert Dunsmuir having been duly sworn states I am the Managinf Partner of the Weelington Mine. What Mr. Sawes Dunsmuir and Mr. John Diek stated as to the steps taken to put out the fire is true. I entered the Mine about half past 3 O.Clock on Wednesday morning and left it between 2 O'Clock and 3 O'Clock in the after- -noon during which period at about 8 A.M I was absent for twenty minutes only at breakfast. In my opinion the steps that were taken were wise under the circum- stances. Curtain No. 3 was put across No. 10 level some time before 7 O'Clock A.M. I had three objects in putting it there, 1st to take the air off the fire that was in Homes Stall as I was afraid that by letting the whole of the air take its proper course the fire would spread 2nd Was to give the men air who were working at the fire. 3rd I did not entirely close No. 3 Brattice for the purpose of letting some of the fresh air into the level, the effect of letting the

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