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Wellington Coal Mine


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4th Witness


Mr. Robert Wingate having been duly sworn states I am a Mining Engineer & I hold the position of manager of the South Wellington mine I have been Manager of mines on this coast for 10 years. I have heard the evidence of Sawes Dunsmuir & John Dick & I consider that the steps taken as given in their evidence for putting out the fire were wise & proper If I knew there was gass in west gangway behind No 3 Curtain I should not have considered it safe to have China -men roaming about at will, it would have been well to have had Braticing seeing that the fireman had reported that there was no gass I should not have taken any other precautions than the present Man- -agement took & I should not have considered it dangerous or improper to send Chinamen down to temove the debris

-> Robert Wingate

Taken before me at Wellington the 24th day of April 1879

Warner R Spalding