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Frank Swannell Diaries: Part I


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formerly occupied by the enemy.

They consisT of a square meTal case, 4 x 6 1/2 x 12 1/2. They conTain pieces of sTeel rods 1/4" in diameTer x 1/2" in lengTh, closely packed TogeTher in a subsTance which is eiTher [rosin?] on some explosive mixTure. The main change is a sTone end of The mine and is exploded by a painTed black over a depTh of 3", The remainder being mud-color. excepT for a mine (on which are The holes for inserTing The deTonaTors. These mines are evidenTly To be placed eiTher on The surface of The ground on half-buried some disTance in fronT of The enemy's Trenches. + To be exploded elecTrically from his Trench should we deliver an assaulT. The whiTe side of The case enables an observer in The Trenches To locaTe The mine exacTly + To fire iT aT The correcT Time.

BC Archives, MS-0392, Box 1, Volume 4, FRANK SWANNELL PAPERS, Diary and enclosures, 1915.