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Erroll Pilkington Gillespie Letters


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hope you both celebrated the occasion in good form on a bottle or two of Californian! Everyone took the news very calmy where we were,& we celebrated it very quietly. We couldn't do much else as the supply of the necessary liquid was not on hand. I raised 1/2 bottle of grog (which I had for "medicinal" use only of course! I state for Mother's benefit as I can see that finger of hers pointing at me! Well when the 1/2 bottle was divided amongst six, I found I couldn't even get a "glow up" ! I hope Sholto & Heb were able to do better than this! I wonder where old [?] is at present moment. I haven't heard from him since he came out, but Florence hears from him quite often I think. I had a letter from the celebrated John dated 11th in which he