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Erroll Pilkington Gillespie Letters


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C.M.G. Depot Seaford SX July 22nd 1918 My dearest Mother This is just a hurried one to acknowledge another of your nice letters which I got this afternoon. Curious when I wrote yesterday I said to you that I thought one of your letters to me had gone astray & I was right. It was dated 13th June, your other one of the 21st reached me first. Yours of the 13th was addressed c/o Army P.O.. I wouldn't send anymore there in future send them all direct to this depot. All that went c/o of army P.O. of course I got all right though. You did get all the snap shots I sent after all,& both the hankys turned up safe too, am so glad that you were pleased, I thought you would be interested in the snaps. You will be awfully interested to hear that I have just had a letter from Florence written from London. She crossed over the Channel last Friday, we are both awfully anxious to meet if possible up in Town, & take in a show together. unfortunately it will be quite for me