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Erroll Pilkington Gillespie Letters


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Machine Gun Corps, when we get back they were anxious to get some officers for this unit, so we thought we might go in for the course anyway, its a most useful weapon to know how to handle & the experience would be good. I am certainly not going to stand any rot from the Canucks, the idea of returning to Canada as a Conducting officer or else reverting to the ranks does not worry me in the slightest now, after having had such a satisfactory interview with the Col. of Argyles, I feel more or less independent & can tell them all at Seaford to go to h--- if they get fresh! Well to return to my visit at Edinburgh, I

BC Archives, MS-2685 Box 17 File 3 / OLIVER, William Edgar, 1867 – 1920. Victoria; lawyer. / Erroll P. Gillespie, correspondence outward, 1917 – 1919.