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Erroll Pilkington Gillespie Letters


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returned as a conducting officer of drafts, but not if I know it! I am confident if I am only given time I can secure a commission in Imperials anyway. The trouble is we are quarantined for 10 days on arrival & immediately after that one may get notice to return, so that one may not get much time to fix things up. However I think i can likely scheme something out, at any rate I'll make a big shot at it. It would be most humiliating to be returned after having got so far & I couldn't face it! Already to me it seems quite a long time since I left Victoria & I am anxiously looking forward to my first mail, when either you or Mother write I Iwd be glad if you id always give me the latest of R&S as I am not likely to get in touch with them much. Dearest love to Mother & [?] Chin chin to Dugald &Madge when you see them next. Your loving son Erroll