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Erroll Pilkington Gillespie Letters


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the glasses that Mr Cross presented me with, they seem very good glasses, & its most interesting to have them with me,& be able to turn them on these boats. We have on board about 1400 troops, & made up from drafts from different parts of Canada, another boat just along side has well over that number & of course with U.S. troops included we would make up quite a decent little army! So far our only escort is one cruiser U.S.N. Montana she is quite a useful looking boat though, & it is a comfort to see her steaming well ahead on the lookout in case of trouble. Of course the real danger does not begin until we get within about a couple of days off Ireland then I believe quite a foray of cruisers & torpedo boats come out & meet us & escort us in. This scheme of convoy is exactly your scheme which you said they would have to adopt , do you remember? I have to be more or less careful what I put in my letters now, as I don't want to annoy the Censor, perhaps