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Henry Masterman Mist Diaries and Prisoners Pie Magazine


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Jan 6. Thurs. About 70 whites & blacks left for England this a.m. [illegible] among them.

Jan 7. Fri. Card for Toltie.

Jan 8. Sat Letter to T. & Home.

Jan. 9. Sun. Card fr [illegible] von Hellermauer

Jan. 10. [illegible] Card to [illegible]

Jan 11. Tues. Note from T. telling that Wentworth has been accepted for military service.

Jan. 12. Wed. Drew 30. [illegible] of the 100 sent by Hier from Norway.

Jan. 15 Sat. Last performance of [illegible] this eve.

Jan. 16. Sun. Card to Toltie. Note from [illegible].

Jan. 18 Tues. Got electric light accumulator (10.60 complete) for special order. sent program [illegible] to [illegible] by permission of Rittweister [illegible]. Letter from [illegible] Annette [illegible].

Jan. 20. Thurs. Card & letter fr. T. of 18th a scotch officer on his way home, invalided for [illegible], visisted & inspected camp in p.m.

BC Archives, MS-2570 MIST, Henry Masterman Box 1 Diary, Ruhleben, 06 Feb 1915 - 06 Mar 1918 File 2