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Henry Masterman Mist Diaries and Prisoners Pie Magazine


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Sep 7. Tues. Recd 4 1/4 lb packets tea from Mrs Pfotenhauer, Bremen.

Sep 8. Wed. Note from Edith with card from T & letter fr mother. 3 lb Tea fr Tottie.

Sep 10. Fri. Letter fr Mother enclosed with 2 cards fr T. from Copenhagen.

Sep 11. Sat. Large tin zweiback fr Sweden.

Sep 12. Sun. Photo of Edith came. Posted card to Wentworth, Dresden.

Thurs 16 Sep. Military withdrawn fr Barracks & camp put under control of Captains & other civic authorities.

Fri 17. Sep. Card from Max Risch fr Berlin. Young Dahiler let out to a sanitorium.

Sat 18 Sep. Card from Muriel C.

Sep 20. Mon. Posted letter to T. & card to Max R. Drew 50 m (Bal.) fr Heads (see Sep 6").

Sep 21. Tues. Letter & cards from Tottie fr "Villa Riverside" Fredricksstad Norway. The Kiar's place, where Edith is to live when married.

Sep 23. Thurs. Card from Muriel.

Sep 26. Sun. Card to Muriel C.

Sep 28. Tues. Recd large tin zweiback.

Oct 1. Fri. Letter fr Tottie - Dres Sep 29 & one fr Mother - Aug 1.