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Henry Masterman Mist Diaries and Prisoners Pie Magazine


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card fr. T. Sent in a "grouch" this a.m.

Apr. 10. Sat. Card to Tottie.

Apr. 13. Tues. " fr. "

Apr. 14. Wed. Box fr. T.

Apr. 16. Fri. Debler's 22 birthday. He had a "tea party" in our loft. 4 guests of which I was one.

Apr. 17. Sat. Cards to and fr. Tottie and letter from Mother & Bob forwarded fr. T.

Apr. 18. Sun. The "fire bell" was rung this a.m. about 9 o'clock & all men "fell in." They were all asked by Baron von Taumer that all who were in "S[illegible] Deutsch[illegibile]" to step out. About 400 in all responded. Afterwardsbarracs, 1, 14, 15 & the "Tea Haus" were cleared out and the "PGs" (Pro-Germans) put in them. The men from the barracks were distributed among the other barracks.

Apr. 20. Letter to T. to be forwarded to Mother. Sm. box from T. with bread, sugar and cheese.

Apr. 22. Card fr. T. Foot races p.m.

Apr. 28. Wed. Card fr. Muriel C.

Apr. 29. 4 new barracks behind grandstands commenced today. Also some behind bar. 4, 5 & 6.