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Frederick Tregillus Letters from the Cariboo Boys


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Imperial army. Pennies are expected for mess ordlies & also for many little things too small to mention. I am surprised at the number of men who should be above it who stoop to axcept petty copper tips. It is a degrading & independence raping custom. Better for England if the custom could be stamped out. The grub is better than it was but it is still very plain. But I have not bought any food though I have eaten several parcels sent fm my 3 homes in Blighty also I have been on leave twice, 10 days landing & 4 days Draft (overseas) leave & been fed well each time. So that helps. Still the army looks wonderfully well fed & I belive is, though we often feel we want more. Grub is much easier to get now & has been 9 months. We do not see any more crouds of women lined up

BC Archives, MS-0426 Box 1 File 5 / TREGILLUS, Frederick James, 1862 - 1962. Barkerville, miner. / Correspondence from Ernest Seeley, 1915 - 1919.