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Deborah Florence Glassford Letters and Memorabilia


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& I mean I'll either resign or get cashiered. Most of my time since I joined up has been spent as a damned schoolmaster & working to increase my knowledge & experience, & now they shove me in as adjutant which like all staff jobs is nothing but clerical work & I simply hat it. Really I don't know that the Hell the Hell they think I joined for.

Since I left the C.M. School I have been at the 30th doing "damn all" until last Monday, when I was sent for by the Brigadier . I had been out during the afternoon, when I got back abt 6 pm, I heard they've been franctic [illegible] all the afternoon for me so off I went to the Bde Office& sawa the Brigadier. He told me how he had recommended (how many blasted 'e's in recommended!) me for a new job vizr Adjutant to a new Batlion that was being founded at Shoreham, that I was to leave that night or at least 4 am the next morning. I asked him what the Bn was, & he said "a worker Battn composed of over age men certified by the M.O. to be physically fit". He also told me another Bn was being formed of men under age. It appears that every Bn that came was from Canada has a large quantity of men over 40 & under 18. They are being placed in these two new Bns . He said that he understood the object of these Worker Bns was to work on the Lines of Communications in France, such as retraining railway roads re re - but that these Bns wouldn't go to France just yet & might only be used as a reserve to send reinforcements to the Workers Bns in France . Gosh! while he was talking, I saw myself a Foreman to a gang of stonebreakers & I wondered whether I'd better slap him in the jaw yet [illegible], & thus chuck the whole business, or keep quiet for a little longer . This is a proverse sort of War. There are hundreds of officers who are married & would give anything to get out of going to France. They are all sent right to the Front, whilst the others who want to go are kept behind an then jostling jobs - Well I

BC Archives, MS-0089, Box 1, File 4 GLASSFORD, Deborah Florence (Leighton). Vancouver. Correspondence inward, 1918